Memorial to the victims of the Brabant killers to be erected at Delhaize in Aalst

Memorial to the victims of the Brabant killers to be erected at Delhaize in Aalst
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Delhaize will soon erect a memorial dedicated to the victims of the attack on their Aalst store by the Brabant killers in 1985, the Belgian supermarket chain announced on Monday.

The memorial to the eight victims of the tragedy is expected to be built in 2023.

On 9 November 1985, the town of Aalst was marked by the murderous attack by killers in the Delhaize supermarket. On the 37th anniversary of this tragic event, the company unveiled its memorial project in honour of the eight victims.

The project is the result of close collaboration between Delhaize, the city of Aalst and landscape architect Bas Smets, who is responsible for the design of the monument.

This is not the first place of remembrance that the expert has worked on. He has already designed the memorial for the victims of the Maelbeek and Zaventem attacks in the Forêt de Soignes, as well as the memorial for the Utoya attacks in 2011.

The Aalst monument, which is currently in the approval phase and is scheduled to be installed in 2023, will be located in the extension of Osbroek Park, near the supermarket car park. It is intended to be a place of peace, serenity and recollection for everyone affected by the events.

The memorial will be octagonal, so that each of the deceased will be represented by his/her eight faces.

“The attack on Delhaize Aalst is a dramatic event that can and should never be forgotten,” said Delhaize CEO Xavier Piesvaux.

“In addition to the memorial site in the cemetery, not only the relatives of the victims, but also all inhabitants of Aalst will be able to pay their respects at this new memorial, a work of art that pays tribute to the victims and forces people to reflect,” Aalst Mayor Christoph D’Haese noted.

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