General strike: Quiet day at Brussels Airport

General strike: Quiet day at Brussels Airport
Credit: Belga

Wednesday's general strike did not cause chaos at Brussels Airport, where 60% of flights were cancelled as a precaution. The flights that were maintained went ahead as planned, airport officials said.

A total of 223 flights were cancelled on Wednesday to avoid long queues and delays. “All travellers were informed by their airline and reservations were rescheduled,” said an airport spokesperson. “The situation was quite calm. There was no chaos or long queues. No additional flights had to be cancelled. Baggage handling was also carried out in good conditions. “

Baggage handling companies operated with reduced staffing levels. "That’s why we advised travellers to bring only hand luggage, but if there was luggage in the hold, it was taken care of,” the spokesperson said.

A representative of the Christian trade union CNE/ACV-Puls estimated that 70% of Brussels Airport workers took part in the strike.

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