Police protest Schaerbeek attack at King's Day celebrations

Police protest Schaerbeek attack at King's Day celebrations
Credit: James Arthur Gekiere/Belga.

Trade unions representing police officers protested against the Federal Government, on Tuesday for King's Day celebrations at St Gudula and St Michael’s Cathedral in Brussels, over a perceived lack of action following last week's murder of an on-duty officer.

Since Thursday night's attack on two policemen in Schaerbeek by a previously surveilled assailant, which resulted in the death of an office, police unions have stated that they have lost confidence in Federal Justice Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne (Open VLD), and by extension the Federal Government.

As a result, they brought protest signs and the words “Vivaldi (nickname given to the coalition)= breach of words,” “Vivaldi = no respect for the police” and “Vivaldi = untrustworthy,” to voice their displeasure at the Federal Government, with Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (Open VLD) also present at the ceremony.

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As the protestors lit fire crackers, some were worried of the security issues they would pose to the members of the Royal Family.

However, jeers turned into applause and chanting when the controversial Prince Laurent made his way to the cathedral with his wife Princess Claire, after speaking out in favour of the police.

"I am a supporter of the police. If they did nothing for a day, the community would see what would happen." he said.

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