Traditional Christmas tree installed on the Grand-Place in Brussels

Traditional Christmas tree installed on the Grand-Place in Brussels
Credit: Belga

The traditional Winter Fun Fir arrived in Brussels on Thursday morning at around six o’clock and was erected on the Grand Place.

The 18-metre-high tree was felled on Wednesday in the village of Raeren, Liège Province, and arrived at the Grand Place on a large trailer. It was then lifted by crane and placed in the hole provided for this purpose. The first passers-by were able to see the impressive sight.

The imposing 40-year-old Nordmann fir has a beautiful conical shape. It was felled on Wednesday in the garden of a family in Raeren. After many years, it had become a bit large and was taking too much light away from the residents, so the owners decided to donate it to the City of Brussels.

The Christmas tree will be decorated on 18 and 19 November with 600 champagne-coloured baubles and two kilometres of LED lights. On 25 November at 6pm, it will be lit up for the first time to mark the start of the 22nd edition of Winter Fun.

A sound and light show will also take place on the Grand-Place at various times between 25 November and 1 January.

“The time has come. With the arrival of the traditional Christmas tree, the festive season in Brussels is officially inaugurated,” said Mayor Philippe Close and Alderman for Major Events and Tourism Delphine Houba.

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