Belgian workers are younger today than ever, says survey

Belgian workers are younger today than ever, says survey
Picture showing the Youth Guarantee office at the Brussels employment agency Actiris. Credit: Jonas Hamers/Belga.

Belgium's labour market is now the youngest it has ever been according to a recent study by Acerta. The findings reveal that the average age of a worker in the Belgian private sector currently stands at 38.9 in 2022, confirming that the average age has decreased by over four years since 2017.

On Friday, the human resources consultancy Acerta unveiled the findings of a recent study that surveyed 260,000 workers from over 40,000 Belgian companies in the private sector to assess the youthfulness of Belgium's workforce.

As a result, Acerta's key findings indicate that the average age of a private sector worker in 2022 was now 38.9, showing that it is currently the youngest ever recorded.

This is further indicated by the average working age having decreased by a full year in 2021 (39.0) and more than four years than in the past five years (43.4).

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In addition, the number of workers over the age of 50 has decreased by 35% since 2017, while the number of employed 18-35 year olds has increased by 44.5%.

Being now faced with a rejuvenated working population, with 18 to 35 year olds the most represented group on the Belgian labour market with 38.3%, companies "must remain an appealing employer for young people," says Benoît Caufriez, a director at Acerta.

He concluded by stating that these companies must emphasise "a career plan with clear long-term prospects, good supervision, and opportunities for development and training."

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