Police dismantle two cannabis plantations in Hainaut

Police dismantle two cannabis plantations in Hainaut
Credit: Belga / Johanna Geron

Belgian police dismantled two cannabis plantations on Tuesday and Wednesday in Fleurus, Hainaut Province, the Charleroi prosecutor’s office said on Wednesday.

A number of arrests, unconfirmed by the judicial authorities, were made following the operation, according to La Nouvelle Gazette.

During the raid, several vehicles were seized at various locations and stored at a repair shop in the Charleroi region. At the end of the day, the vehicles were taken away and transported elsewhere by the federal police.

According to La Nouvelle Gazette, eighteen arrests were made.

When contacted, the Charleroi public prosecutor’s office confirmed that the case was currently under investigation. It declined to comment any further on the case or on a possible link between the police operation and the moving of the seized vehicles.

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