'Eveline' sent back to jail

'Eveline' sent back to jail
Credit: Belga

G.R. (29) from Ghent, better known as ‘Eveline,’ has again been arrested, the East Flanders public prosecutor’s office confirmed.

'Eveline' made headlines in October 2020, when nude photos and videos of several well-known personalities, including Sean Dhondt, Peter Van de Veire and Stan Van Samang, were circulated. All were seduced by 'Eveline' via social media.

However, 'Eveline' turned out to be an alias for a man, G.R.

A total of 12 victims eventually filed civil suits after the prosecution opened a case against G.R. He was released under strict conditions pending trial, but in the meantime, it became known through Het Nieuwsblad that he had shifted his operations to the Netherlands.

There he operated under the name of Ariana and proceeded just as he had in Flanders. This led to a new police investigation that resulted in his arrest, which was first reported by several media outlets.

“We can confirm that the man has been arraigned before the investigating judge,” the East Flanders public prosecutor’s office said, adding that it was decided to arrest him.

The prosecutor’s office refrained from any further comment.

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