Many Belgians lower heating to 19 degrees

Many Belgians lower heating to 19 degrees
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81% of Belgians say that they have lowered their heating compared to last winter, with little difference across Belgium’s different regions, according to the Grand Barometer survey conducted by Le Soir, RTL Info, Ipsos, VTM, and Het Laatste Nieuws. Notably, 31% have set their heating to 19℃, a setting recommended by Belgian authorities.

A further 25% of Belgians have set their heating to 20℃. There is a fraction (18%) of residents who are braver, setting their heating at 18℃.

Worryingly, the statistics show many Belgians have not attempted to reduce their central heating at all. Not only can this be costly, but places increased strain on Belgium’s energy resources during the winter. Those purposefully reducing their heating and keeping their heating under 20℃ account for just 5% of those surveyed, as opposed to 30% who will not change their habits and keep their heating above 20℃.

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There are some regional differences between heating preferences in Belgium. Generally, Flemish people have their heat turned up more than French-speakers. 29% of Flemish heat their homes at 20℃, compared to 23% of Walloons, and 16% of Brussels residents. This can possibly be explained by the relative wealth of Flanders compared to other regions.

Across the regions, those who turn down their heating usually opt to reduce it to 20℃ or 19℃.

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