Market vendors largely pass food safety inspections

Market vendors largely pass food safety inspections
Credit: Bruno Fahy / Belga

The Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC) has carried out some 750 checks on market vendors and food truck operators this year. Hardly any serious infringements were found. The FASFC is therefore confident that participants in Christmas markets will pay sufficient attention to food safety.

Several hundred FASFC inspectors carry out inspections at numerous businesses active in the food chain throughout the year. This includes mobile market stallholders, who not only operate at weekly markets but also at fairs, festivals and Christmas markets, among others.

Some 750 checks have already been carried out on itinerant market vendors this year. "Despite several heat waves this summer, few problems have been identified," the FASFC said.

Of the market vendors checked, 42% received a warning, and 8% were fined. The three most common problems in the controls were a lack of facilities for washing hands, an absence of allergen information and inadequate food preparation, handling and processing areas.

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When the result of a check is not favourable, a recheck is scheduled. In case of serious violations, a temporary closure is imposed. This year, this happened once, as serious hygiene and infrastructure violations were found.

The results of the controls remain fairly stable year after year, the FASFC said, expressing its strong belief that so too this year's Christmas markets can proceed in complete safety.

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