Plain-clothed 'anti-litter enforcers' descend onto Flemish streets

Plain-clothed 'anti-litter enforcers' descend onto Flemish streets
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Plain-clothed 'anti-litter enforcers' hit Flemish streets for the first time on Wednesday, with the goal of reducing the country's growing littering problem.

OVAM — Flanders' Public Waste Agency — sent the enforcers onto the streets of Denderleeuw, East Flanders, hoping to catch people in the act of littering.

"It is important that people become aware of what litter is," OVAM spokesman Jan Verheyen told VRT. "We will look for, among other things, the disposal of cigarette butts, but also the failure to dispose of dog poop, because that is also included in some police regulations."

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The enforcers are set to be deployed soon to Geraardsbergen, Herzele and Ninove. Each of these municipalities must now forward a list of "littering hotspots" to OVAM for increased surveillance by the litter enforcers.

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