Flemish government considers underground high voltage options

Flemish government considers underground high voltage options
Opposition for the Ventilus project in Flanders has been strong. BELGA PHOTO NICOLAS MAETERLINCK

The EnergyVille research centre will receive €14 million in funding from the Flemish government to investigate possibilities for underground high-voltage lines to support the energy transition.

The rise in sustainable and renewable energy – especially wind farms and solar panels – will require additional infrastructure in the form of new high-voltage connections, predicts Flemish Minister of Economics Jo Brouns (CD&V).

The debate surrounding the Ventilus high-voltage line, which is yet to be built in West Flanders, has already shown in recent months that not everyone in Flanders likes to see additional above-ground high-voltage lines.

That is why EnergyVille must thoroughly investigate the possibilities for HVDC – High-Voltage Direct Current – in the coming years. That technology is on the rise, but further research is needed to roll it out on a large scale.

At the request of the Flemish government, the expertise centre submitted a research program that will run for at least ten years. The Flemish government is already freeing up €14 million until 2026.

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