There will be no 'white Christmas' this Sunday in Belgium

There will be no 'white Christmas' this Sunday in Belgium
A street covered with snow, in Brussels. Credit: Johanna Geron/Belga

Those expecting a white Christmas will be left disappointed by the Royal Meteorological Institute's (RMI) latest forecast, as they expect rain and sunny spells throughout the week, as well as on Sunday. However, there will be occasional sunny spells with temperatures reaching a maximum of 12°C.

On Monday, the RMI announced their forecast for the weather of the week leading up to Christmas Day on Sunday. Despite clouds and rain, this week will be warmer than last, the coldest yet in Belgium this year, with temperatures hovering around 10°C.

While the weather on Monday afternoon will often be dry with occasional sunny spells, the rest of the week will be scattered with showers and strong winds. Temperatures, however, will be mild with highs up to 12°C.

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As for Sunday, the RMI has not forecast a white Christmas but rather a rainy day, with expected sunny spells and a maximum of around 10°C in the centre of the country.

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