Belgian Pro League stops late Sunday night football matches

Belgian Pro League stops late Sunday night football matches
AA Gent fans pictured during a soccer match between KAA Gent and Club Brugge. Credit: David Catry / Belga

On Wednesday, Belgium's Pro League announced that they would be putting an end to matches played at 21:00 on Sunday to the earlier time of 19:30. This change will come into effect on 3 February and follows months of talks between the league and various supporter groups.

The Pro League has announced their plans to move league matches played at 21:00 on Sunday to an earlier time, from 3 February onwards.

The decision to push these matches forward comes after months of complaints by supporters, who were protesting against the late match times.

This resulted in the Pro League meeting with various groups, such as the fan federation Belgian Supporters, the fan groups of several clubs, as well as the club hierarchies themselves and Eleven Sports, who hold the TV rights to the league's coverage.

“Together, we agreed that it would be better for the fans’ enjoyment at the stadium and at home to bring forward the Sunday night slot," the league's CEO Lorin Parys said of the decision announced on Wednesday.

Furthermore, the president of the Belgian Supporters organisation Eddy Janssis stated that the announcement had delighted him, as "it was important for us, as a supporters’ federation, to be able to engage in dialogue with the Pro League, on matters that concern football in general and the fans in particular.”

As a result, Jansiss and his federation as a whole "are pleased that this issue has been addressed," praising the 'constructive' talks that had been held with both Eleven Sports and the Pro League.

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