Data of 300,000 Belfius customers leaked, says report

Data of 300,000 Belfius customers leaked, says report
Credit: Virginie Lefour/Belga.

On Monday, the personal data of 300,000 customers of the Belfius bank was leaked and put on sale by a hacker, according to the Data News magazine. However, doubts have emerged over the veracity of said data, with Belfius stating that it has not been made aware of any security breaches.

In a report published on Monday, the Belgian media outlet Data News stated its belief that a hacker was currently selling the data of 800,000 customers of a Spanish bank and 300,000 customers of the Belgian bank Belfius.

The personal data in question included the identity, address, telephone number, date of birth, account number and IBAN of the customers. However, the list is not said to have included financial details and contained several duplicate records.

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As a result, there are doubts emerging over the actual number of affected customers, with certain even concluding that the figure is probably lower than the 300,000 being reported.

Furthermore, a spokesperson for the bank told Belga News Agency that Belgium was not aware of any data leak but stated that "we will analyse the situation in more detail.”

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