Lonely Planet releases top holiday destinations for 2023

Lonely Planet releases top holiday destinations for 2023
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While many have just had a break from work, for some it could hardly be described as a holiday. Thankfully, the people at Lonely Planet have released their vacation tips for 2023 to help fire the imagination and fuel that wanderlust.

Whether you are adventurous, a homebody type or your choice of travel destinations is guided by your culinary tastes, Lonely Planet has all the destinations worth visiting this year.

The travel guide’s annual ranking is always eagerly awaited by those who are thirsty for travel, but this year, this ranking is even more specific since it has been classified into five categories: eating, learning, sharing and wondering, relaxing, and connecting. The hope is that these will help us precisely identify the destination that will fit our desires based on our interests and needs.

For those who like to travel and discover the local gastronomy, the famous guide recommends Lima in Peru, especially for its seafood, Umbria in Italy for its stuffed focaccias, Fukuoka in Japan for its essential Hakata ramen (made from pork bone broth), Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia for its many street food markets, Montevideo in Uruguay for its chivitos (typical Uruguayan sandwiches) and South Africa for its many culinary talents that are gradually becoming famous.

For adventurers looking for a total change of scenery, Lonely Planet recommends Nova Scotia in Canada, Bhutan in Asia, the national nature parks of Colombia, Istanbul in Turkey and its legendary night train, Zambia in Africa or Western Australia. The famous travel guide is not the only one to recommend the latter destination, however, as CNN also recommends visiting this region in 2023, especially for its total eclipse that will be visible on 20 April.

To relax and do nothing, Lonely Planet advises a trip to one of the following: Jordan, the Dominican Republic, the Halkidiki Peninsula in northern Greece, Jamaica, Malta or the island of Raja Ampat in Indonesia. For those looking for cultural discoveries, Accra in Ghana, Albania, Guyana, Alaska, Boise in the United States, or Sydney in Australia will offer you a real clash of cultures.

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Finally, in the "Learn" category, Lonely Planet lists the best destinations to deepen your knowledge. For this, New Mexico, El Salvador, Dresden in Germany, Manchester in the United Kingdom, the south of Scotland or, closer to home in Marseille in France, will be essential in 2023.

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