City Council moves to have night flights over Brussels banned

City Council moves to have night flights over Brussels banned
Credit: Belga

The Brussels city council on Monday evening adopted a motion aimed at having a ban imposed on night flights over the Belgian capital and limiting noise pollution caused by flights to and from Brussels National Airport.

In its motion, approved by legislators from the ruling majority as well as the opposition Les Engagés and Mouvement Réformateur (MR), the city council requests the Federal Government to ban flights over Brussels from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m., except in emergency situations defined by law.

The motion also asks the government to set an annual limit on movements at the airport, taking into account health, environmental and economic issues and to prohibit certain categories of aircraft whose noise emissions exceed given thresholds due to their model or age.

Further, the city council wants the government to retain, as far as possible and in compliance with wind standards, the principle of avoiding flights over densely populated areas in order to respect the general interest, public health and safety of the population.

The requests also include compliance with the law and, in particular, with the Brussels Region's 'Noise' Decree of 27 May 1999, and with final, enforceable court decisions rather than paying penalties.

Finally, the motion calls on the Federal Government to institute a truly independent oversight authority to ensure that procedures are respected and guarantee that any non-compliance with the regulations governing the air routes is sanctioned.

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