Employment agency Accent to only share anonymous resumes

Employment agency Accent to only share anonymous resumes
An Accent employment office. Credit: Jonas Roosens / Belga.

Temporary employment agency Accent, one of the three largest employment agencies in Belgium, will start sharing only anonymous resumes with employers as of 1 February, according to De Standaard. In this way, Accent hopes to combat possible discrimination.

In specific terms, employers will see only the applicant’s initials. The applicant’s age will also not be shared, neither will any periods of inactivity. However, employers will still be able to see the applicant’s degrees and work experience.

"Unfortunately, it is still much easier for us to get a Stijn to work than a Mohammed," stated Accent CEO Anouk Lagae. "The intention is to get employers to look at prospective employees with as open a mind as possible."

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A pilot project has been running on a limited scale since September and has yielded positive results. "There have already been people who have now received a job from a company, who otherwise might not have come for an interview," Lagae said.

Flemish MP Tom Ongena stated that the Flemish employment service VDAB should also work with anonymous resumes. "I am convinced that this would greatly increase the job prospects of the more than 34,000 job seekers with a work restriction."

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