Fox makes a visit to police station in Wallonia

Fox makes a visit to police station in Wallonia
Credit: Pixabay

A young fox wandered into a police station, seemingly turning himself in, in the city of Huy in Wallonia, La Libre Belgique. The animal was reportedly afraid and appeared lost.

“He entered the police station through an open door,” police commissioner Steve Jasselette said. "He stood there, in front of the reception and was visibly hungry and was neither aggressive nor afraid.”

Police officers gave the hungry fox some dog food and given the apparent poor health of the animal contacted the Creaves animal rehabilitation in Coutisse, which offered to come and collect the animal.

“In the meantime, we led the animal into the waiting room and closed the door,” Jasselette said. “He remained calm and friendly for about 30 minutes.”

The animal is now in the care of the animal centre and has scabies. The centre will prioritise treating the animal and will avoid euthanizing it.

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This is not the first report of the friendly fox. The animal was spotted wandering around the neighbourhood for the last few days, notably in the courtyard of a nearby school.

The Huy police said that they were moved by the creature's warm approach but held back from touching the animal. The waiting room was completely disinfected after the fox’s visit.

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