Waste from synthetic drug production found in Lasne

Waste from synthetic drug production found in Lasne
Credit: Belga

Contrary to erroneous information given on Wednesday by Civil Protection, no laboratory has been discovered in Lasne, the Walloon Brabant public prosecutor’s office said on Thursday, specifying that waste from the production of synthetic drugs, abandoned on a private property there, has been evacuated.

Officers from the Crisnée Civil Protection operational unit were sent on Wednesday morning to a property at an undisclosed address in Lasne. Empty drums were discovered in the garden of the residents, who immediately alerted the police.

“A specialised service of the federal police analysed the residues contained in these drums and it turns out that they are products similar to those used in the manufacture of synthetic drugs,” the spokesperson of the Walloon Brabant prosecutor’s office said.

The containers were removed by the Civil Protection officers, who transported them to a recycling company in the Antwerp region.

“In police terms, this is clearly a case of abandoning products that were used in the manufacture of drugs,” the spokesperson explained. “These can come from anywhere, even abroad.”

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