Brussels Airlines to relaunch 'fear of flying' courses

Brussels Airlines to relaunch 'fear of flying' courses
Credit: Canva

After a four-year absence, Brussels Airlines will once again help passengers with a fear of flying through training courses with behavioural therapists. Those participating will be supported by virtual reality, among other tools.

Announced on Monday, the airline will call on the help of mental health service The Human Link to organise these new courses in March.

“Now that the travel industry is slowly getting back on track, Belgians with a fear of flying are also looking for help more often,” says Brussels Airlines.

The programme, for which participants will have to pay €1,000, includes an individual interview, theoretical training, practical exercises with possible coaching using virtual reality and finally, practice during a real flight.

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The course was created in 2006 in cooperation with Ghent University and boasted a success rate of “well over 80%,” according to organisers. However, "the course had been put on hold due to the pandemic," explained Marieke Impens of The Human Link, "which did allow us to refine our approach."

Since then, the organisers have "gained a better understanding of how anxiety works and we are convinced that we can provide even better support for people with a fear of flying, Impens added.

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