Belgians drive 500,000 fewer kilometres by car due to rising e-scooter use

Belgians drive 500,000 fewer kilometres by car due to rising e-scooter use
Credit: The Brussels Times / Lauren Walker

As more and more people are now opting for travelling by e-scooter, over 500,000 fewer kilometres were driven by car in Belgium – the equivalent of nearly 14 times around the earth, a study by European mobility platform Bolt shows.

At the end of their scooter ride, users were asked whether they chose an e-scooter instead of a car (either private or taxi). By opting for a scooter instead of a car, users in Europe saved some 2.4 million kg of CO2, including 62,000 kg for Belgium.

"This proves once again that partial steps replace polluting car trips and contribute to making cities more sustainable. That means fewer emissions, cleaner air for everyone and more space on the road for more sustainable means of transport," Marc Naether, Bolt's Head of Public Policy Benelux, said in a press release.

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"The study also clarifies how a combination of part-steps and public transport is a good replacement for car journeys, relieving cities and reducing traffic," he added. Internationally, 20 million fewer kilometres were driven by car as sharing scooters were chosen more often.

Users were also asked if the scooters served as a connection to public transport. 39% of rides in Belgium started or ended near a bus, tram or train station, which shows how micro-mobility can be integrated into a city's transport infrastructure.

Therefore, e-scooters are an important partner for cities, Bolt stressed. Not to replace public transport, but by connecting different city districts, working together to create a sustainable mobility mix.

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