N-VA wants to give two votes to Flemish citizens in legislative elections

N-VA wants to give two votes to Flemish citizens in legislative elections
Mayor of Antwerp Bart De Wever. Credit: Belga / Tom Goyvaerts

The New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) party wants to allow each resident of Flanders two votes during the legislative elections: the first for local politicians and the second for "bigger names". N-VA leader Bart De Wever is to endorse the proposal at his party’s congress scheduled for the weekend of 13 May.

The congress will provide party members to decide on around 100 proposals that have been approved or modified. Confederalism is one of the core goals and policies of the Flemish nationalist party ahead of the 2024 national elections in Belgium.

On Monday, the party unveiled its proposals relating to Flemish justice and democracy to the public. One of the main proposals is to reform the regional Flemish Parliament, reducing it from 124 to 100 representatives.

Seventy seats would be elected in local electoral constituencies while the other 30 seats would be reserved for more senior politicians. For example, a resident of West Flanders would also have a say in electing the member of parliament for Antwerp. N-VA's leader, Bart de Wever, is the current Mayor of Antwerp.

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If the reform is approved, the Flemish Chamber would be composed of representatives of the parliaments of federated entities.

Finally, the N-VA wants to make appeals to the Constitutional Court possible, which would allow a decision of the Court to be overturned by the Flemish Parliament by a two-thirds majority.

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