Motocross event raises concerns for tranquility of nature reserve

Motocross event raises concerns for tranquility of nature reserve
Dutch Glenn Coldenhoff pictured in action during the motocross MXGP Grand Prix Flanders, Sunday 24 July 2022 in Lommel. Credit: Belga / Marijn De Keyzer

Flemish party N-VA has requested the permit for the motocross event this weekend in Ninove to be withdrawn over concerns that the event will disturb birds at Diepe Straten – an important reserve.

However, the city currently plans to go ahead with the event. Mayor Tania De Jonge says that the location of the event is not a nature reserve but an agricultural zone.

N-VA member Johan Soetaert says that the city council failed to account for the impact that the visitors will have on the environment. The fire brigade and police department have raised their concerns as well. The course runs along unpaved roads and is not easily accessible for emergency services.

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The reserve is included in the list of immovable heritage because of the sunken roads it features. The mayor told VRT that site where the event will take place have been tested and comply with relevant regulations.

A council meeting is scheduled on Monday afternoon to discuss the matter. The motocross event is due to take place this weekend 25 and 26 March in the Belgian city Ninove.

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