Charleroi takes the fight to discrimination, inequality and violence

Charleroi takes the fight to discrimination, inequality and violence

The City of Charleroi intends to take the fight to discrimination, inequality and violence, Alicia Monard, in charge of Equal Opportunities within the city’s government, announced on Monday.

The city plans to puruse five “big fights” annually, through specific awareness and action campaigns. The five struggles in question are those against racism, violence against women, discrimination against disabled people, discrimination and violence against LGBTQIA+ people, and violence against animals.

The city government will deploy its awareness and action campaigns on the occasion of the international days of mobilisation highlighting these problematic fights with the help of the entire fabric of Charleroi’s associations.

For the City, these “big fights” are a way of engaging, federating and amplifying at the same time, said Monard, who added that they will be an excellent opportunity toremind people of the law.

Poster campaign, flyers and video capsules will be the main elements of the awareness-raising efforts. Training offers, film debates and cultural performances will generally be on the agenda.

The “big fights” are intended to be repeated every year and to grow, Monard said.

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