Thieves make off with comic book plates worth €60,000

Thieves make off with comic book plates worth €60,000
Credit: Belga

Twelve original pages of an early Cowboy Henk comic book, which were to be sent to Corsica for an exhibition, were stolen on Sunday night. Each page is worth around €5,000.

The pages were in the car of an employee of the Fremok publishing house. The vehicle was broken into, the thief taking with him a computer, twelve plates from the album “De Paardenschenkers” and another four separate pages from Cowboy Henk.

Screenwriter Kamagurka and cartoonist Herr Seele had won the Heritage Prize at the Angoulême Comics Festival in 2014 for Cowboy Henk.

The album “De Paardenschenkers” is considered a textbook case of absurdism and an important work in the histoty of Belgian comics. The original plates date from the 1980s and were published in the Flemish weekly Humo as well as in the French publication L’Echo Des Savanes.

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