Video recording device found in women’s toilets at HEC Liège

Video recording device found in women’s toilets at HEC Liège
Credit: Hermaion/Pexels

A video recording device has been discovered in one of the women’s toilets at Walloon university HEC Liège, reports RTL Info. A note was sent to students by the university faculty warning that students may have been recorded.

“The facts were discovered on Monday, late in the morning, when staff replaced the bins reserved for sanitary towels,” Sudinfo reports. After being notified of the discovery of a camera, university officials viewed the images captured by the miniature camera and discovered that the device had been in place since around 09:30.

Police were notified and they were quickly able to identify the perpetrator. According to Sudinfo, the suspect is a male doctoral student and teaching assistant at the university. The suspect reportedly confessed to his crime.

“He confessed to everything and has no criminal record. The computers seized from his home and his workplace still need to be analysed,” Catherine Collignon, First Deputy Crown Prosecutor for the Liege public prosecutor’s office told Sudinfo.

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The man was brought before an investigating judge and released on bail under strict conditions. An investigation into the incident is now underway, the prosecutor’s office added.

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