Limburg weekend rave: Nine arrested and 27 driving licenses revoked

Limburg weekend rave: Nine arrested and 27 driving licenses revoked
Credit: Belga

As crowds dispersed in the wake of the two-day rave that took place in a disused military base in Limburg, police were on hand to check that drivers were within the legal limits – both for alcohol and other illicit substances.

In controls around the village of Brustem, police immediately revoked 27 driving licences and arrested nine people, according to preliminary figures released by the Limburg public prosecutor’s office on Monday. Further investigations are ongoing.

The illegal rave started around 23:00 on Friday. Music installations were set up in 11 old military hangars and at least 10,000 revellers made their way to the illegally organised party over the weekend, disrupting local residents. A significant number of attendees had driven from neighbouring countries.

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It was decided not to clear the 400-hectare site by force, but to monitor and secure the situation. Checks took place on the access roads to and from the military domain and would-be ravers were denied access. Law and order forces checked a total of 220 vehicles and 375 people. 27 driving licences were revoked and three vehicles were not allowed to continue on their way.

The officers drew up 20 official reports for using drugs in traffic and 16 official reports for drug offences. An immediate amicable settlement was presented to 47 persons for possession of drugs. Besides these findings on traffic offences and drug possession, the police arrested nine people last night. The arrests included the seizure of drugs, as well as materials such as a sound system and a power generator, which were used during the party.

"The investigations into drug sales and the investigation into the organisation will now continue as a function of the further identification of those responsible and further prosecution in which injured parties could join if necessary if they have suffered damages. The investigators will be able to make use of the findings made during this festival," said press officer Bruno Coppin.

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