'Brussels Queer Graphics' exhibition starts on Wednesday

'Brussels Queer Graphics' exhibition starts on Wednesday
Brussels Pride 2001, before the Belgium adopted a law to authorise same sex marriage in November 2002. Credit: Belga / Olivier Hoslet

The Design Museum Brussels is opening its new "Brussels Queer Graphics" exhibition on Wednesday which will run for six months.

The Museum's new exhibition will honour the visual heritage of the Belgian capital's LGBTQ+ communities from the 1950s until the present day.

The exhibition will run until 5 November and will mark the seventieth anniversary of the Cultural Centre of Belgium, the country's first-ever homosexual association. It also comes twenty years after same-sex marriage came into effect across the country in November 2002.

The museum described the initiative as "an opportunity to embrace 70 years of rich imagery and cultural history, of individuals' day-to-day acts and activism."

Credit: Belga

They explained that "since the 1950s, LGBTQIA+ communities in Brussels have used graphic design to develop a specific language, which signals their presence and commitment around a set of shared principles, identities and values.”

To prepare for the exhibition, the Design Museum Brussels collaborated with various academics from the ULB, including contemporary history professor Valérie Piette and David Paternotte, a professor of sociology and an expert on gender studies.

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