Sharing Netflix accounts now more expensive in Belgium

Sharing Netflix accounts now more expensive in Belgium
Credit: Belga / Jasper Jacobs

Streaming service Netflix will now also make sharing an account with someone who does not live in the same house more expensive in Belgium, the company announced.

While Netflix has tolerated the fact that millions of people worldwide have been using a family member's or friend's account for years, this is about to change. The company already launched a trial to end sharing outside the household in several countries and is now rolling it out further, including in Belgium.

"We recognise that our members have many entertainment choices," the company said. "This is why we continue to invest heavily in a wide variety of new films and TV programmes."

Netflix customers who share an account will receive an email reminding them that an account can only be used by people living at the same address. If they ignore that message, they will eventually have to verify their household and additional viewers from outside the household will no longer have access.

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Those who want to continue sharing their subscription with someone outside the household will be able to add an additional member for €3.99/month.

However, this will only be possible for the Standard (€13.49/month) or Premium (€17.99/month) subscriptions, and not for the cheapest Basic (€8.99/month) subscription. Alternatively, subscribers can transfer the profile to a new paid membership.

Watching Netflix on the go or while travelling, on your own devices or on a television in a hotel or holiday home does remain possible for everyone in the same household, the company stressed.

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