Ghent grants transgender officials 20 days 'transition leave'

Ghent grants transgender officials 20 days 'transition leave'
Transgender pride flags. Credit: Flickr / Ted Eytan

Public officials in the Flemish city of Ghent who are planning to undergo gender reassignment procedures will now be given up to 20 days 'transition leave', Le Soir reports.

"From the conversations we have had with employees in this situation, we find that the combination [of transitioning and having] a job is almost untenable," said City Councillor for Personnel, International Solidarity, Facility Management and Youth Hafsa El-Bazioui. "These appointments almost always fall in the middle of the working day which can be problematic for people."

She added: "Gender transition involves additional needs and concerns, which we want to address with these 20 days of leave."

El-Bazioui also noted that those aiming to go on transition leave will have to submit a relevant medical certificate and that no days off will be permitted if an appointment or procedure takes place outside of office hours.

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