Twenty roads where you'll most likely get a speeding ticket in Brussels

Twenty roads where you'll most likely get a speeding ticket in Brussels
Credit: Belga

The Boulevard de Nieuport has been named the road where the highest number of speeding tickets are issued in Brussels, with the thoroughfare registering almost 24,000 speeding violations in 2022.

According to a study published on Friday by La Dernière Heure, the Avenue du Parc in Saint-Gilles recorded the second-greatest number of speeding fines in Belgium's capital city last year (17,149), followed by the Chaussée de Waterloo in Uccle (15,256).

Across the whole of Belgium, the three roads where the greatest number of speeding tickets were handed out were all located in Flanders, namely the E19 near Antwerp (249,673), the R1 ring road around Antwerp (180,084), and the E17 near Ghent (168,525).

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Flanders also posted the highest total proportion of speeding tickets (70%), while 60 of the country's top 100 fastest roads were located in Belgium's Dutch-speaking region. By contrast, only 13 were based in Belgium's capital, while no Brussels roads were among the top 30.

Here is the full list of the twenty most penalty-prone roads in Belgium's capital city (the relevant municipality and number of speeding fines are noted in parentheses):

  1. Boulevard de Nieuport (Brussels, 23,852)
  2. Avenue du Parc (Saint-Gilles, 17,149)
  3. Chaussée de Waterloo (Uccle, 15,256)
  4. Chaussée de Gand (Berchem, 14,614)
  5. Avenue Fonsny (Saint-Gilles, 14,296)
  6. Avenue Charles Quint (Ganshoren, 13,324)
  7. Boulevard de la Woluwe (Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, 12,139)
  8. Chaussée de Louvain (Saint-Josse, 11,415)
  9. Porte de Hal tunnel (Brussels, 11,159)
  10. Avenue de Tervuren (Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, 10,798)
  11. Boulevard Guillaume Van Haelen (Forest, 10,217)
  12. Chaussée de Haecht (Evere, 9,874)
  13. E411 (Auderghem, 8,646)
  14. Quai Fernand Demets (Anderlecht, 8,443)
  15. N201 (Brussels, 7,084)
  16. Chaussée de Louvain (Schaerbeek,  6,511)
  17. Boulevard Louis Mettewie (Molenbeek, 6,137)
  18. Avenue Charles Quint (Berchem, 6,092)
  19. Avenue Louise (Brussels, 6,072)
  20. Avenue de Vilvorde (Brussels, 5,621)

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