E-scooters and other vehicles create parking headaches in Belgium

E-scooters and other vehicles create parking headaches in Belgium
In spite of a poor reception of these measures by drivers, experts talk of increasing parking fees, congestion charges or reducing the amount of space cars can use Credit: ©Belga

The influx of free-floating bicycles and scooters in Brussels and other Belgian cities has created a number of parking obstacles, meaning companies must develop solutions to improper parking.

Free-floating vehicles such as bicycles and scooters can be rented by users to travel short distances around cities, but where and how they are parked can be a challenge.

The vehicles are often left badly parked or in the middle of the pavement, and they rack up Highway Code violations, according to New Mobility. Occasionally, two or three users will ride on one scooter. To counter these violations, mobility service providers have instituted policies for their users.

One company, Billy, has equipped its bicycles with locks to reduce theft, and Lime requires riders to take a picture of their parked scooter. If Lime sees the scooter is parked incorrectly, it alerts the user.

Police in Namur have received complaints about free-floating vehicles parked badly and are launching an awareness campaign in response. Civil servants in Namur have been tasked with moving poorly parked scooters out of the way. Liege will also conduct an awareness campaign on proper conduct after scooters were introduced weeks ago, according to New Mobility.

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