Travelers happy with STIB according to satisfaction survey

Travelers happy with STIB according to satisfaction survey

STIB released the results of its traveler satisfaction survey Monday, and 74% of those surveys gave STIB a rating of 7/10 or more.

56% of respondents said they prefer using STIB because of the benefits it offers: fewer parking problems, less stress, environmentally friendly and a low cost. The number of overall STIB journeys increased over the last year, adding 16.6 million trips.

The survey also found that one third of travelers use all three modes of transport — metro, bus, tram — and 42% said they used two of the three methods to travel.

Overall satisfaction in the bus system increased, while satisfaction with the tram stayed the same and satisfaction with the metro declined slightly. STIB said in a press release that increased metro traffic during rush hour may explain this score.

Other survey results found that passengers enjoyed having a lot of information about their trip, including waiting time indicators at stops and updates on social media. Additionally, travelers’ feelings of safety in the evening increased slightly.

More than 7,000 people participated in the survey either online or over the phone from October to December 2018.

Sam Nelson
The Brussels Times

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