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Antwerp to offer subsidy to residents who give up cars

Antwerp residents can receive a subsidy for using the MaaS system. Credit: harry_nl/Flickr

The Antwerp city council announced a subsidy for people who give up their cars and use other methods of transport instead.

If those who get rid of their car instead subscribe to Mobility as a Service (MaaS), they can get 10% of the subscription price back, which can amount to 50 euro a month. MaaS is a system that allows users to plan routes and book tickets with several modes of public transport and mobility services via the Whim app.

It offers different subscription programs for mobility services around a city. Users pay a monthly rate or can pay as they go and receive reduced transportation prices.

The council hopes this will encourage residents to drive cars less and use MaaS more, according to New Mobility.

Antwerp residents can receive this subsidy for two years. The program will run from 1 July 2019 until 30 June 2021.

Sam Nelson
The Brussels Times