Trams to get priority green lights with new GPS system

Trams to get priority green lights with new GPS system
A new GPS system in Belgian trams will create a more punctual commute. Credit: Belga

In an effort to make trams more punctual, two companies want to add GPS systems to the vehicles to communicate with traffic lights.

The Agency for Roads and Traffic, which maintains roads in Flanders, and Flemish transport company De Lijn want to improve the flow of trams and increase their punctuality. To do so, the companies are looking for a supplier to provide a GPS system for trams which can be connected to traffic lights on tram routes, according to New Mobility.

The GPS system will let a traffic light more quickly detect when a tram is coming so the light turns green to give the tram priority. The system will be installed in 313 trams, mostly in Antwerp.

The goal, spokesperson for the Agency for Roads and Traffic said, is to roll out the new GPS system next year.

The GPS system is estimated to cost 300,000 euros in total.

Sam Nelson

The Brussels Times

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