Free scooter rides in Belgium until end of July

Free scooter rides in Belgium until end of July
Felyx launched the first 200 of its planned 600 scooters in Brussels in June. Credit: Felyx/Facebook

For the rest of June and July, Felyx scooters will be offering free rides in Brussels.

As part of its launch in Brussels, the scooter company is releasing 200 of its scooters in the city and offering free rides until the end of the month, according to New Mobility. In total, Felyx will launch 614 scooters in Brussels. Users can register by downloading the Felyx app.

Scooters can be reserved 15 minutes in advance, and users can lock and unlock them via the app if they need to leave them somewhere during a trip.

Parking the scooters incorrectly will result in a fine, and users who drive drunk will be fined 500 euro the first time and banned the second.

Sam Nelson

The Brussels Times

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