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    Road deaths, drunk driving more common in Wallonia, study says

    A new survey says Walloon drivers are more likely to drink and drive than Flemish ones. Credit: Marc Ryckaert/Wikimedia Commons

    Walloon drivers are twice as likely to drink and drive than Flemish drivers, a new report says.

    Vias, a road safety institute, released its road safety barometer for the first four months of 2019. It found, among other things, that Belgian road deaths had increased by 13% in the past year. In Wallonia and Flanders, road deaths increased by 31,1% and 1,7% respectively. In the Brussels Capital Region, road deaths fell 25%.

    The study also found that speed limits are lower and there are more traffic radars in Flanders compared to Wallonia. The speed limit outside of urban areas is 70 km/hour in Flanders and 90 km/hour in Wallonia. Flanders has 1,450 radars while Wallonia has 280.

    In Flanders, 59% of drivers use their phones at red lights or pedestrian crossings compared to 42% of Walloon drivers.

    Sam Nelson
    The Brussels Times