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World War Two bomb found in Limburg village

Populierenlaan, the street on which the bomb was discovered. Credit: Google Maps.

A nearly one-metre long bomb from World War Two (WW2) was discovered in a village in the province of Limburg on Tuesday, according to Belgian media.

Construction workers completing repairs in Rekem, a village near Lanaken, uncovered a large WW2 explosive at 11:30 AM. The bomb is 90 cm long, with a 25 cm diameter, according to Marino Keulen, mayor of Lanaken.

The discovery has caused all construction work to cease, as the firefighters and Defence Explosive Device Disposal and Removal Service (SEDEE) continue to arrive at the scene. The discovery has not lead to any evacuations.

The SEDEE will now have to determine whether to transport the bomb to another location or destroy it on site.

Madeleine Fletcher
The Brussels Times