Belgian police fly to Australia to assist in search for missing backpacker

Belgian police fly to Australia to assist in search for missing backpacker
Belgian backpacker Theo Hayez disappeared in Australia on 31 May. Credit: © Belga

Belgian police agents will fly to Australia to assist in the investigation into Théo Hayez’s disappearance, as efforts to find the Belgian backpacker continue nearly a month after he vanished without a trace.

The three-person team, made up of two agents from a tactical search unit and one agent from the Missing Persons Cell, will be dispatched into Australian territory to help in the capacity of “observers,” Sarah Frederickx, spokesperson for the Federal Police, confirmed Wednesday.

“The date of their departure is not yet fixed. They [could] leave tomorrow or at the start of next week,” the spokesperson said, adding that the length of their mission has, for the time being, been set to around ten days, according to Belgian media.

Last seen on May 31, the disappearance of the 18-year-old student from Auderghem has left local authorities “baffled,” as weeks of searching have turned up no substantial evidence.

While the physical search for Hayez has been halted, investigators continue analyzing the information so-far collected, and volunteer search parties continue scouring the area around a lighthouse, where Hayez’s phone signal was last detected.

Despite the use of drones, sniffer dogs, and specialised search units, including divers and climbers, two CCTV videos are the only concrete evidence of the missing Belgian that police have been able to gather since he was reported missing on June 6.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times

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