Bad weather affects Belgian honey

Bad weather affects Belgian honey
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The amount of honey collected from Belgian hives has proved disappointing and worrying for beekeepers.

"We're getting about 1 kilo of honey per hive, whereas we normally get about 7 to 15 kilos from one hive," the Belgian Beekeepers' Federation stated on Tuesday.

"It was a very poor spring, so the bees have been unable to emerge," the Federation said, explaining the cause of the problem.

"There is just one small difference on the Ardennes side where the weather has been better," a Belgian Federation spokeswoman added. Here, the yield of acacia and lime-tree blossom honey also promised to be better.

"But now we're in for some very dry weather, so things will be messed up again in any case," she stated, adding that the unsuccessful honey harvests have occurred all throughout Europe.

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