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Flemish municipalities call for removal of Mobiscore

Glabbeek is one of 21 Flemish municipalities to call for the removal of the Mobiscore. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Almost two dozen Flemish municipalities have signed a motion that demands the Mobiscore system be removed and that the Flemish government provide more financial support to the towns.

The movement was started by Linter and Glabbeek and is backed by 19 other communities, according to New Mobility. They are demanding that the Mobiscore system be removed immediately. Mobiscore is used by the Flemish government to calculate how sustainable a home is.

The Flemish municipalities say that Mobiscore discriminates against them because it gives poor scores to homes in rural areas.

The municipalities also asked for more financial clout in their motion. They called for a revision of the municipal fund and a new financial valuation that takes into account ecosystem services in the communities such as nature, open space, and silence.

Sam Nelson
The Brussels Times