'Order in the chaos': e-scooter parking spaces pop up in Brussels

'Order in the chaos': e-scooter parking spaces pop up in Brussels
Credit: Gabriela Galindo / The Brussels Times

New parking spots dedicated to electric scooters popped up in a square in Brussels' Ixelles municipality on Wednesday, in a move by local authorities aiming to rein in users' improper parking habits as the popularity of the electric two-wheelers continues to rise.

The parking spots —white square with scooter pictograms— were painted onto the sidewalks in Place Sainte-Croix, in the municipality's Flagey neighbourhood.

"We have to create some order in the chaos," Ixelles' mayor, Christos Doulkeridis, told Bruzz.

Other e-scooter parking spots are set to be created in the square as well as in other areas of Ixelles, like the Cemetery, in Place du Châtelain and along the busy Chaussée d'Ixelles.

Municipal aldermen for mobility and public works, Yves Rouet and Romain De Reusme, respectively, pushed for the creation of the dedicated parking spots but said that the decision to fine riders for failing to use them needed to be taken by regional authorities.

"The situation is getting so out of hand that we can't wait," Rouet said, referring to the nuisances the scattered two-wheelers caused residents as an increasing number of operators placed more and more units on the streets.

The news comes after Brussels' regional authorities said they were considering introducing regulations to curb the indiscriminate parking of e-scooters in Brussels, including a potential parking ban in the capital's busiest areas, like the Grand Place.

Gabriela Galindo

The Brussels Times

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