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Batmobile seen in Brussels was built for luxury car race

The Batmobile pulled over last week was built in 2016 for a luxury car racing competition. Credit: Alertes Contrôles De Police - Infos Bruxelles/Facebook

More information has been released about the Batmobile seen cruising around Brussels last week.

The modified Lamborghini is owned by two Saudi Arabian brothers named Talal and Sultan Al Saud. According to RTL Info, the pair are used to being stopped by police, who then take selfies with the car.

The Batmobile was built for a luxury car race called the Gumball 3000 by “Team Galag” in 2016.

While the brothers have not tested how fast the superhero-inspired vehicle can go, they say a friend once reached speeds of 260 km/hr while driving the Batmobile down a German highway.

Sam Nelson
The Brussels Times