Brussels attacks terrorists' pre-trial detention extended

Brussels attacks terrorists' pre-trial detention extended
Jury selection completed for 2016 terror trial. Credit: © Belga

The pre-trial detention of three surviving terrorists of the 2016 Brussels attacks has been extended, the public prosecutor's office announced Thursday according to reports.

Brussels' Council Chamber ruled that Mohamed Abrini, Ossama Krayem and Hervé Bayingana Muhirwa would remain in custody for an extended two months, according to Le Soir.

The three men are awaiting trial for their involvement in the coordinated terror attacks of March 22, 2016, in Brussels, carried out in the European quarter's Maelbeek metro station and in the Brussels Zaventem airport.

The series of three coordinated suicide bombings, one in Maelbeek and two in Zaventem, killed 32 civilians and left over 300 people injured, not counting the perpetrators.

Abrini, also known as "the man in the hat" due to security camera footage captured of him as he left a bag of explosives behind in Zaventem, is the only surviving perpetrator of the attacks in the airport and is also linked to the 2015 Paris terror attacks.

Krayem, also known as Naim Al Hamed,  was present at the Maelbeek metro station and was one of two men set to blow himself up, after he reportedly decided against it.

Bayingana Muhirwa reportedly helped the two men go into hiding after the attacks.

The three men can appeal the extension of their pre-trial detention, in which case they would appear before the Brussels Court of Appeals within 15 days.

Gabriela Galindo

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