Thousands of e-scooters take Brussels by storm, more expected by 2020

Thousands of e-scooters take Brussels by storm, more expected by 2020
Nearly 5,000 e-scooters are in Brussels, and companies have plans to launch at least a thousand more by 2020. Credit: Portland Bureau of Transportation/Flickr

Thousands of scooters are scattered around Brussels, and there could be thousands more in the Belgian capital by 2020.

There are currently more than 4,800 scooters in Brussels, and that number could increase to 7,000 by next year, according to expansions plans from various companies.

Wind, the fifth e-scooter company to officially begin operations in Brussels in the past two years, is the latest company to bring hundreds of scooters into the city. But in an interview with The Brussels Times, Wind's Catriona Meehan said there is still room in the market for more companies.

Lime has the most scooters in Brussels, with close to 2,000 vehicles in the capital, BX1 reported. Circ has 1,500, Hive operates 800, and there are 700 Dott scooters floating around.

Scooter companies Troty and Bird are trying to make headway in Brussels, but according to Bx1, those companies are considered to be on hold. Two other e-scooter providers want to launch in Brussels this year as well.

Poppy, which already operates in the free-floating car sector, wants to bring 200 scooters to the city by the end of July with up to 1,000 by 2020, and Uber, which already has Jump e-bicycles in Brussels, has plans to launch 1,200 scooters.

In addition to all of the e-scooters in Brussels, there are over 1,000 e-bikes from Jump and Villo and a few hundred electric scooters, which are similar to mopeds or motorcycles, from Scooty and Felyx.

Sam Nelson

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