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    Belgium’s King Philippe is Europe’s ‘poorest’ monarch

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    Belgium’s King Philippe has a fortune of 12,4 millions euros, placing him last amongst Europe’s 10 monarchs.

    Newly released figures by Business Insider reveal that the richest monarch in Europe is Hans-Adam II, Prince of Liechtenstein.

    The fortunes of Europe’s ten active monarchs are the following:

    10. Belgium

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    King Philip: The 59-year-old monarch has a fortune estimated at 12,4 million euros. Belgium’s government covers all the King’s expenses.

    9. Spain

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    King Felipe VI: the fortune of the 51-year-old monarch is estimated at 17,75 million euros.

    8. Norway

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    King Harald V: The fortune of the 82-year-old monarch is estimated at 26,6 million euros.

    7. Denmark

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    Queen Margrethe II: The fortune of the 79-year-old monarch is estimated at 35,5 million euros.

    6. Sweden

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    King Carl XVI Gustaf: The 73-year-old monarch’s fortune is estimated at 62 million euros.

    5. The Netherlands

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    King Willem-Alexander: The fortune of the 52-year-old monarch is estimated to be between 177 and 266 million euros.

    4. Great Britain

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    Queen Elizabeth: The fortune of the 93-year-old monarch is estimated to be between 443 to 532 million euros.

    3. Monaco

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    Prince Albert II: The fortune of the 61-year-old sovereign is estimated at 887 million euros.

    2. Luxembourg

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    Grand Duke Henri: The fortune of the 64-year-old ruler is estimated at 3,55 billion euros.

    1. Liechtenstein

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    Prince Hans-Adam II: The fortune of the 74 year old sovereign is estimated at 4,4 billion euros.

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