Prostitution is a ‘disgusting vice’, writes Pope Francis

Prostitution is a ‘disgusting vice’, writes Pope Francis

Prostitution is a “human disease”, according to Pope Francis, writing in the preface of a book, evoking "a disgusting vice" which is reducing women into slavery.

“All forms of prostitution are enslavement, criminal acts, disgusting vice that confuses making love with the relief of one's own instincts through the torture of a helpless woman,” the text goes, published Monday in La Republica.

“A person can never be for sale,” the pope pleads in the preface of a book by Priest Aldo Buonaiuto. Father Buonaiuto founded the Papa Giovanni XXIII community, an association which helped the poor, prostitutes and youngsters with problems.

"It is a disease of humanity, an erroneous mode of thinking of society. To liberate these poor slaves is a gesture of mercy and a duty for all men of goodwill. Their cry of pain can not leave neither individuals nor institutions indifferent, "says Pope Francis.

"No one should look the other way or wash their hands of the innocent blood shed on the streets of the world," concludes the Pope.

The pope also describes how he went to one of the Pope John XXIII Community’s reception to meet "crucified" women.

He explains that he asked them for forgiveness "for the tortures they had to endure from the many clients who often defined themselves as Christians."

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