Brussels woman joins Belgium's supercentenarian club at 110

Brussels woman joins Belgium's supercentenarian club at 110
An Anderlecht woman recently celebrated her 110th birthday, making her the second-oldest person in the Brussels-Capital Region. Credit: Pixabay

A woman in the municipality of Auderghem celebrated her 110th birthday at the end of July, becoming the second-oldest living person in the Brussels-Capital Region and joining the club of Belgium's five known supercentenarians.

A native of Saint-Josse, Gabrielle Mélard is Brussels' second-oldest living person. Mélard, who worked as a nurse, is now one Belgium's five known supercentenarians, a term used for people who have lived to or past the age of 110.

While she lived in Liège for most of her life, she decided to return to her native Brussels after retirement, and has been living in the Parc Des Princes rest home since, where her most recent birthday was celebrated on July 31.

Staff at the home say that despite Mélard's limited vision and hearing, the supercentenarian is known for her joie de vivre and her love of animals.

"Despite the auditory impairment she has, she brightens up completely when we play music," a staff member of the home told Bruzz.

At 110, Mélard is only slightly younger than Brussels' oldest known living person, 111-year-old Elisabeth De Proost.

All supercentenarians known to be living in Belgium are women, with two living in the Brussels-Capital Region.

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