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    Pairi Daiza zoo to build biggest solar power plant in Wallonia

    The Pairi Daiza zoo will build a 7,000-spot parking lot equipped with overhead solar panels. Credit: Pairi Daiza/Facebook

    The Pairi Daiza zoo will build a car park with over 60,000 overhead solar panels in what is set to become the largest solar power plant in Wallonia and the largest car park of its kind in the world.

    With an estimated overall power capacity of 20 Watt-peaks, the solar station’s 62.750 overhead panels will provide more energy than the zoo needs, according to L’Echo.

    Some 7,000 parking spots will allow visitors of the 65-hectare zoo to recharge their electric vehicles, with the outlet reporting that the parking lot will start out with 80 charging stations but could eventually install up to 800.

    “This will make it the largest solar car park in the world,” zoo spokesperson Claire Gilissen told the business daily.

    The new power-generating parking lot is expected to be fully operational by the middle of 2020, and the zoo’s financial director said that a portion of its power output will be used for cooling in its polar bear enclosure.

    Gabriela Galindo
    The Brussels Times