Antwerp's Pride Festival sees 150,000 attendees in total

Antwerp's Pride Festival sees 150,000 attendees in total
Credit: Belga

The closing event of Pride in Antwerp drew some 11,000 people on Sunday, according to reports. 

With guests such as Eurovision’s Charlotte Perrelli and Kate Ryan, the Pride festival attracted a total of 150,000 visitors in four days, the organizers announced. 

Thanks to massive public participation in Saturday's parade that attracted 90,000 people it was a very successful event overall, the organization said. "We took a risk with a new route and a new site for this festival. We would never have dreamed of such a turn-out," Bart Abeel explained. "150,000 people announced our message of cohesion and tolerance in an era that is more about polarization than dialogue. I also want to thank all those who contributed to the success of this edition." 

The 12th edition of the festival was part of the 50th anniversary of the New York Stonewall Riots — the starting point of the worldwide Pride movement.

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